AAR: Bot vs. Bot vs. Bot

Zero players Churchill game, pictorial AAR

Today I decided to learn how to play new Mr. Herman’s design Churchill. I had no opponents at place, and also didn’t want to play vs. bots myself. So it was decided to conduct showmatch where bots rumble each other at the conference table.


It’s all started im Moscow in October 1944.


The US, US and USSR brought the following staffs:

IMG_0555 IMG_0554 IMG_0556

Nikolay Kuznetsov took the chair and began conversation with Global Issues:


The rest of the issues were as follow:


Frances Perkins tried to persuade us that US need to conserve production:



Semyon Timoshenko argued with Perkins, as US land lease was still badly needed for the Eastern Front.


Everyone tried to pull the blanket over himself, so Sir Stafford Cripps also tried to conserve domestic production:


USSR passed after debating on US production, so Edgar Hoover took the floor about the future of the liberated countries:


Anthony Eden had own interest in that problem:


Anastas Mikoyan insisted, that US should put more efforts on the fronts:


Claude Wickard objected, that those efforts could be made only of US production will require internal demands:


Andrey Zhdanov counter-argued that thesis and remembered lost Arctic convoys:


While that happened, Sir Gordon Macready arose unresolved Global issues:


Though Kaganovich had his own vision of the postwar world. How could Minister of Transportation know it?


George Marshall, US Army Chief of Staff gave some advice, how British offensive should be conducted:


Sir Alan Brooke objected, so the question was still unresolved.


Alexander Novikov stopped their arguing by proposition of usage Royal Air Force in more aggressive style.


Ernest King and Lord Mountbatten inserted a couple of words on post-world problems, but Molotov remembered Churchill’s promises and closed the question:

IMG_0574 IMG_0575 IMG_0576


Frank Knox tried to save production from Russians, no one objected.



Ernest Bevin was sure about UK vision of politics in the post-war world.



Conference would end in a tie, but Stalin breaks it with his last word.



Production for the war efforts was completed:


And of all fronts only Eastern and SW Pacific went on:


That’s how Yalta conference started:



And the new delegations were formed:

IMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0590

Agenda won by USSR again:


This time A-Bomb problem was arised with Global, production, offensive, political and strategic material issues:


At the end of the conference, Stalin won atomic question, Roosevelt conserved US war efforts and gained some political options which allowed him to win the conference, Churchill won Global issues and UK war efforts:



This time Western and CBI front successfully advanced, as Imperial Japanese Navy sank some US carriers in the Central Pacific:



And the last, Potsdam conference:


The staffs arrived as follow:

IMG_0620 IMG_0622 IMG_0621

This time Western Allies fought for the chair and after that meeting agenda was determined:

IMG_0625UK won the conference with a lot of Political opportunities:


Once again, only Western and CBI fronts advanced:


Score were 32 Soviet (must be 3 more, as I accidentally moved Eastern Front one space right), 43 UK, 29 US. After condition 3 was applied, Churchill won with 38 VP.


I described in detail only the first conference, but as you can see, it’s very easy to create AAR for this game, as it’s creates unique narrative historical sense. It was very fun to observe bots playing each other and it seemed like a real documentary. Can’t wait to play it with my mates.

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