AAR: Crossing the Lech

Today we played Crossing the Lech scenario from Won by the Sword for the second time in a row. What a game! Here’s how it happened:
This time Tilly’s veteran vanguard managed to slip away from Horn and reunite with the main column. 
The Catholics idea was to launch the Aldringer’s Imperial column to Hesse-Darmstadt to reap the VP via sieges of neutral cities. This was also an attempt to distract Gustavus Adolfus from Bavaria, whereas Bavarian cavalry column was going to burn Franconia. Tilly had to exhaust Horn forces and start the siege of Nurenberg. 
Two Surprise Attack cards simultaneousely dealt to Sweden player intervened in plans. Horn made a deceptive maneuver to the east of Franconia and captured both Regensburg and Munich almost for free (30 VP is a mess…)! 
Tilly had nothing left but capture the cities back or die trying. He entrenched under Munich and started the siege. 
Gustavus Adolfus came just in time to lift the siege, so the great bloody massacre of Munich took the place. 
Here’s the devastating results for the Catholic player, though chances were roughly equal. Roll on Wallenstein was 8, so he lost the chance to appear before the scenario end, so we ended the game on the second month with the Protestant victory.
Amazing game!
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2 thoughts on “AAR: Crossing the Lech

  1. Would love to see you play and report on Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov and hear your views on the differences between EFS and OCS. I play EFS and am just starting to read OCS rules but due to time constraints it will likely be some time before I get to actually play an ocs game


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