AFV usage rate in ASL scenarios

Some time ago, in the April of 2016, a friend of mine asked me an interesting question, is it possible to mine ASL Scenario Archive to find out, how often one or the other AFV is used in different scenarios.

I don’t know why he needed such kind of info, but that was a proper time for such kind of request, as I studied Data Mining and Web Scrapping using Python. For the time of research, there were registered about 6600 scenarios and 676 types of AFV in Archive. In the attachment you may find XLS sheet with AFVs and number of the scenarios they appear, may be such kind of info will be useful or at least interesting for you.

What we found from the first glance:

1. Top-1 vehicle is SPW 251/1 aka “Hanomag”. So one cannot simply ignore the rules about opened-top vehicles, embarking/disembarking and transportation.

2. Top-5 is quite hackneyed: Hanomag, Pz IV, Panther, StuG III and T-34. So all your counters wiil be useful, as they could become weary fast enough.

3. If you are playing/going to play ASL to drive such exotic vehicles like Archer, IS-3, DUKW, Valentine Bridgelayer, etc you are going to be disappointed, as there are not many scenarios that involves them.

I hope you will also make your own conclusions, based on that statistics and share with me!


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