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ASL Calculator will help you to play with tanks in Advanced Squad Leader wargame. You may easily set the die roll modifiers, parameters of shooting tank and target tank to calculate To Hit and To Kill numbers. ASL Calculator will also show you the probabilities of different shoot outcomes: kill, shock, immobilize, no effect.

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Choose a caliber of the shooting main armament/ordnance with Gun Size button. Set the range to the target. Set the front and side armor of the target using the roll and square/circle switch beneath it. Determine all of the die roll modifiers and fire the Calculate button. You’re good to go!

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On the results screen, Final To-Hit shows calculated To-Hit number and applied die roll modifier. F. TK Roll table shows Final To Kill numbers for Hull/Turret/Front/Side armor. The bottom table show the probabilities of the different outcomes.

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