Hakkaa Päälle!

ASL Finnish Core Module Overview

Here’s the brief overview of what you find in the Hakkaa Päälle! box:



Finnish ordnance and armor throughout this period are represented from the single Landsverk armored car that was the only combat-worthy Finnish AFV at the start of the Winter War, through the end of the Lapland War, when Finnish armor included captured Russian AFVs and Sturmgeschuetz purchased from Germany. Modern tanks like the T-34/85 or StuG IIIG were in the distinct minority, however, and the Finnish player will often find himself equipped with obsolete tanks such as T-26s and T-28s when facing the enemy.

The Soviet Union was Finland’s chief adversary, and Hakkaa Päälle! also contains new vehicles and Chapter H notes for the Russians. Fan-propelled sleds (aerosans, both armed and not), ad-hoc armed LANO trucks, early war versions of the T-26 (the two-turreted T-26 M31 and the flamethrower-armed OT-26, among others), up-armed T-28s, and the experimental SMK and T-100 tanks are all included. Additionally, a number of Lend-Lease Vehicles (Lee, Matilda II, Valentine VIII, Churchill III, etc.) now see Russian counter form. To simulate the lackluster performance of the Russian forces during the Winter War, SSR-invoked rules for Russian Early War Doctrine are included.

Captured French tanks such as the 38H 735(f) and the 35-S 739(f) used by the Germans in Finland are included in German colors, along with similar German AFV counters whose availability to ASL players was previously limited.

Player aid dividers include the National Capabilities Chart with the new Finnish squad types and other updates, backed by the standard OBA flowchart. Also enclosed are new rules for Prepared Fire Zones and Light Woods, transforming the battlefield for mapboards old and new.



Chapter H distills years of research into pages of detailed notes on the guns and vehicles involved. Included along with three new Finnish squad types are the revised Chapter A rules to handle them. The heavily wooded mapboard 52 completes the package.


There are also 16 scenario with finnish troops involved against Soviets and Germans. You may check what you need to play them all:

Scenario                                                                  Maps                                                       Overlays                                              ~Approx. Playing Time, h.

Arctic Crossroads                         16 17 19 44 (Yanks, DB)                  B5 OW1 Wd4 Wd5  (RS, DB)                                           11 

Armored Car Savikurki                            42 (AP3)                                           Wd4 Wd5  (RS)                                                            2

Stopped Cold                                         5 7 (BV, FKaC)                                          OG1 (CdG)                                                                6.5

Torment at Tormua            32 34 42 52 (FKaC, HP, AP3, RS)                                                                                                             11

Nothing But Courage              17 24 42 44 (Yanks, AP3, DB)            OW1 RR8 RR11 RR13 (DB)                                              10

Skiing in Lapland                                 4 19 (BV, Yanks)                 Hi9 OW1 Wd4 Wd5 Wd12 Wd34 (DB, RS, AP2)             6 

Breakout From Prääzä                        32 52 (FKaC, HP)                               St1 Wd1 (CdG, RS)                                                   10

Forest Bastion                                         37 39 (RS)                                            Wd3 (RS)                                                                        6

Night Fans                                             26 27 28 (WoA)                     Hi8 Hi9 Hi11 Hi12 X9 (AP2, CdG)                                      7.5

11th Company Counterattack          8 40 (BV, CdG)                       RR3 RR4 RR6 RR12 (DB)                                                     2.5

Retaking the VKT Line      5 16 17 19 42 52 (BV, Yanks, AP3, HP)           B1 B2 B4 (RS)                                                           19

The Last Attack                     17 32 44 52 (Yanks, FKaC, DB, HP)          Hi8 Hi12 X15 (CdG)                                                      9

Father Sunshine                                 37 50 (RS, AoO)                                           O5 (RS)                                                                   5.5

Lagus Assault Guns                       17 32 (Yanks, FKaC)                                                                                                                         5.5

Hunters at Ylimaa                              35 37 (RS)                                                                                                                                          7

The Only Way Out                              7 39 (FKaC, RS)                                   Wd3 Wd4 Wd5 (RS)                                                   8

Anabasis                                               2 19 (BV, Yanks)                                                                                                                              10

So, rephrasing Boromir: one cannot simply play Hakkaa Päälle! with Beyond Valor only. You will need a lot of maps and overlays. Also there are only couple of small scenarios and a lot of medium/large goodness. I hope this would help you to make a right choice. Roll low and keep ASLing!

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